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RT Planning Strategies is a multi-disciplined professional firm specializing in developing strategic and tactical plans. We are committed to attaining the highest customer satisfaction by providing accelerated solutions to your business problems. Our focus is to enable you to grow your bottom line. We are passionate about helping you to develop bright ideas that lead to brighter profits. That’s an unbeatable combination in anyone’s book.





What is a RT Planning Strategies?

“The higher order result derived from focusing multiple minds and superior intellectual capital on your assignment.”

do you want to transform your organization?

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RT Planning Strategies

RT Planning Strategies method was created by a systems engineer who applied a new technology for putting words up on a screen so people could see their thoughts unfold right in front of their eyes. This technology combined with a systematic approach for organizing thoughts is the genesis of RT Planning Strategies.

Since 1991, senior facilitator Ron Tabachnick has refined and evolved this process of planning with the future in mind. In an entertaining and engaging way, our firm has helped hundreds of clients create an actionable plan to tackle life’s problem or opportunity — all in one session. Warm and genuinely interested in helping people, Ron’s approach is fresh, sometimes off the wall. It works.

“Your process is enabling me to manage the complexities of my life, rather than be immobilized by them”.

“Your program helped me to identify a series of both short and long term goals. I genuinely believed that my goals were well known to me. Boy! Was I mistaken.

RT Planning Strategies

RT Planning Strategies’ mission is to help people in transition solve significant life or organizational problems. We are passionate about helping people see clearly.

We help people organize their thoughts and decomplexify their lives. For any life or business opportunity, event or problem, we help you clarify where you are today, where you want to get to, and identify a path to get you there. We help you experience the future before it happens.

You will see the future today, right before your eyes. In half a day, you are able to explore different futures and create an actionable plan that if followed, will ensure future success. At last, here is a practical, simple, cost-effective process for solving any life-changing problem.

We can help any person or company that is facing transition. We help decision makers that are having problems moving ahead. If you are looking for a change, not satisfied with a traditional consultant, and not afraid to try something different, then you are the ideal candidate for RT Planning Strategies.

Leaders in the corporate, government and non-profit sectors frequently tell us they are looking for a strategic planning process that addresses one or more of the following issues. Contact us and learn how our Success Model, our strategic planning approach, can help you tackle these tough issues.

RT Planning Strategies

Strategic planning is a critical activity for leaders of all types of organizations. Through the planning process leaders set the organization’s future and defines the benchmarks, goals, outcomes and strategies that will lead to achieving success. Considering the paramount value of the strategic planning process and the investment it requires, the case for investment in planning expertise and development by a compelling best practice by strong leaders.

Our Strategic Plan Assessment process is designed to provide you with a complete assessment of the quality of your plan. We will examine your goals, measures, strategies and monitoring process to identify the strengths of your existing plan as well as areas that may warrant attention and possible adjustments.