ronRon Tabachnick The World’s Foremost Virtual Strategic Facilitator.

After 15 years trailblazing as a strategic facilitator, Ron Tabachnick has put into print his breakthrough tools to guide people to be more effective at expediting their plans. A Breakthrough in Strategic Planning is a much needed advance in a field that is often viewed as inefficient, ineffective and often a waste of time. Ron has been featured in The Globe and Mail Report on Business, The Toronto Star, The Toronto Sun, Rogers Cable 10 and a frequent guest on City TV in Toronto.

Ron facilitates strategic planning meetings for senior executives in the areas of banking, data-processing, automotive, engineering, business development, marketing, corporate retreats not-for-profit associations, the Federal Government, launching new ventures and has specialized in facilitating high powered boards of directors meetings. He has made it a personal mission to bring the power of corporate planning into the lives of individuals to provide focus, clarity and direction in their lives. The latest application of his ‘fat-free’ process is facilitating Virtual Planning Meetings with executives in different parts of the world utilizing leading edge internet technology.

Ron has applied his over 40 years of vast business experience, theater training, and extensive personal development to spread his message that anyone can change the speed and impact of their actions through proper planning. His methods unleash the power people and corporations have been squandering through a lack of clarity and focus in direction and action. Ron, has a Bachelor of Science Degree with a major in Biology from Hillsdale College, Michigan. He also has graduate credits in Physiology from the American University, Washington D.C. and graduate credits in Business and Marketing from George Washington University, Washington D. C.

Ron is President and Senior Strategic Facilitator of RT Planning Strategies, Toronto with satellite offices in California, Florida, Italy and Beijing.
Ron Tabachnick: The World’s Foremost Strategic Facilitator, a specialist known for delivering action plans fast. In his most recent book, A Breakthrough in Strategic Planning, Ron elaborates on the value and benefits of this uniquely simple tool to strategize effectively.
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