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Survive and Thrive in Turbulent Times
Your business or any plan are multi-dimensional.  Finance, human resources, strategy, marketing, sales, operations, your favorite vision and much more.  In these challenging times, dealing with only one dimension will not suffice.  Only those that manage their business or their ideal vision from a multi-dimensional perspective will be well placed to not only survive but to position themselves to thrive when the turbulent times come to an end.

– What should I be doing to protect my company from the consequences of losing a major customer?

– How do I ensure my organization’s survival and its long-term health, and protect it from possible bankruptcy?

– How should sales and marketing interact to ensure maximum effect on my top line?

– I’m thinking of downsizing. What are the most critical considerations?

– How do I maximize my cash flow, when others are short of cash?

– Do I have the right organization structure, the right people, and the right practices to achieve high growth and earnings in a difficult economy?

Business & Strategic Planning

Are you on track to achieve performance goals? Do you have adequate financial resources to succeed? Do you have the right people in the right role with clear, well defined accountability and authority? Are you connecting with customers and/or suppliers in the most effective and efficient manner?

RT Planning Strategies has the resources to quickly and accurately audit and review business processes. We then establish where your greatest productivity gains can be quickly achieved. In areas including production, finance, sales, marketing, e-commerce and human resources, we can expertly guide your organization to achieving your goals.

Strategic plans are developed from comprehensive and accurate information. Our processes are clear, understandable and to the point. We will present an accurate view, from all levels of the organization, and use that information as a platform to launch effective business strategy and plans.

Focusing Resources for Superior Performance in Difficult Times

Your business climate has just changed dramatically. It has now become critically important that you step back and take fresh and thorough look at your strategic plan. Review how your external environmental factors have changed: particularly market segments, supplier markets, competition, regulation and the economy. Review your internal situation: particularly profitability analysis. Challenge all your working assumptions: particularly market segments, competition, opportunities, threats, industry scenario and winner’s profile. Rethink your strategic issues and how many ways you could shoot yourself in the foot. Having done this, you will now be able to craft your revised course and direction, goals, objectives and action plans.

Poor strategic planning is worse than no strategic planning. It can be a big waste of time and money. Even worse, it can lead to disaster. Avoid all this with Simplified Strategic Planning – a proven process to focus for superior performance without straining your resources.

Whether you’ve been doing strategic planning for years or starting from scratch, you can acquire a streamlined process for developing and implementing your strategy. With RT Planning Strategies you will learn this time-tested methodology, which has produced outstanding results for hundreds of companies from a wide variety of business types.

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