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About Us
RT Planning Strategies is a multi-disciplined professional firm specializing in developing strategic and tactical plans. We are committed to attaining the highest customer satisfaction by providing accelerated solutions to your business problems.
The Process
Your business or any plan are multi-dimensional. Finance, human resources, strategy, marketing, sales, operations, your favorite vision and much more. In these challenging times, dealing with only one dimension will not suffice. Only those that manage their business or their ideal vision ...
The Nine Reasons
You will sharply focus your efforts on what is most important to your future success ... You will improve tomorrow's results through efficient and effective strategic management ... You will achieve your highest potential ...
Guidance Book
Discover for Yourself - A Breakthrough in STRATEGIC PLANNING - Actionable and Accountable


  • "Ron has an uncanny ability to enable business and personal associates to understand the current state of their personal and business relationships, to create a view of where one needs to go, and to create and capture a plan for success. His processes are professional and comprehensive. His capabilities at bring out the understanding of issues, and the creation of a plan are extremely valuable to business personal and interpersonal relationships"

    Bob Trevelyan - Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Aircraft Technical Publishers


  • "When I joined the company, relations with this one customer were at an all-time low. The planning session, which involved key operating people from both companies, accomplished a mutual understanding of each other’s goals. Several months later, the customer’s V.P. & G.M. told me that had we not taken the initiative to have this facilitated planning session, they would have looked for another supplier."

    Frank Hovey - President - Lystek International, Inc.

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Our Clients

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